B'smooth Seat Jackets™

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Fabric and materials used to manufacturer the B'smooth Seat Jackets™.

​(1) Everlast Tweed manufactured with 100% Polyolefin face and 100% Acrylic backing. The Abrasion exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs.

​(2) 1/4 inch poly back foam with a nylon backing for the outer trim pieces.

​(3) 1/2 inch poly back foam with a nylon backing for the center inserts.

(4) Silver Carbon Fiber vinyl for the accent insert piping.

​(5) The Seat Jackets™ are made to order and custom hand-made. Custom orders are welcome.

(6) All of B'smooth products comes with a 30 day money back guarantee but must be shipped back in the same packaging shipped to you.

(7) The Seat Jackets™ can only be dry cleaned and comes in four colors.

 ​(8) Easy to install, no tools required and you don't have to remove your seats to install them.​ Fits like a glove as if it came with your Ford-GT.

​(9) Our Seat Jackets™ also comes in Leather and Exotic Skins / Hides. Please call or click My Special Order for price.

(10) Custom and Special orders are welcome. Send details to: My Special Order Phone: +1 (901) 480- 0918

​(11) Overseas orders please call for shipping price before you place your order with location or send details here: Overseas Order

Phone: +1 (901) 480- 0918

* 2017 Patent Pending *​

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​Allow 5 -7 Business days for your order to be packed and shipped.​

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B'smooth Seat Jackets Ford-GT 40s