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Materials used to manufacturer the B'smooth Leather Phone and Tablet Jackets™

Genuine Anaconda Leather and Everlast Tweed manufactured with 100% Polyolefin face and 100% Acrylic backing. The Abrasion exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs. One quarther inch poly back foam with a nylon backing sealed with tweed inside and out to help protect your phone from breakage and the tweed is water resistance. The jackets are bound and trim with genuine leather, not some kind of closeout leather. No moving parts, nothing to break. The Leather Phone and Tablet Jackets™ are custom hand-made by our Design Engineering Team and comes in Black only. Fits phone size up to: 3-1/4 inch wide x 5-1/2 inch height x 3/8 inch thick. Tablet Jackets™ are for 8" Tablets.

Custom Special Orders are Welcome: Contact Special Orders With Description for Price!