B'smooth Seat Jackets™

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Raw goods used to manufacturer the B'smooth Tweed Seat Jackets.™

Everlast Tweed manufactured with 100% Polyolefin face and 100% Acrylic backing.

WHAT IS OLEFIN? Olefin is an environmentally friendly synthetic fiber known for its durability and strenght. It wicks moisture and drys quickly and is resistant to stains, mildew, fading and chemicals making it  a great durable choice for hard working applications.

The Abrasion exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs. One half inch poly back foam with a nylon backing for the inserts and one quarter inch poly back foam for the outer trim.sealed with Polyolefin tweed. Also Carbon Fiber vinyl pipping within the center inserts.

No moving parts, nothing to break and can also be used and installed without any tools, just slip on and go.

The Seat Jackets™ are custom hand-made by our Design Engineering Team at B'smooth

All of our products comes with a unused return policy 30 day money back GUARANTEE, such conditions will be fulfilled by B'smooth. The customer pays return shipping.

Retail $1,500.00 Sale price: $999.99 - B'smooth manufacturer when the order is placed in the order we receive the invoice.

*The Jackets comes in a set of two: Drivers and Passenger. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery*

Ford-GT 40's

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